Questions to Ask Your Builder

Lots of people like to go through model homes. Some go to “dream of the day when”, others go to look for interior decorating ideas and to see what's new, and the rest are there to buy a new home.

You might think that the sales person is there just to sell you a home. But the sales representative should be considered as resource of information on the home, development and the area. Besides the question of how much does it cost?, and when can we move in?...Here are some other questions to note the answers to:

  • Will the builder give you references of recent buyers/occupants?
  • Does the builder have a financing plan established?
  • Are there options in the floor plan -- can a basement or deck be added?, etc.
  • Can a room such as the basement be left unfinished?
  • How much customizing can be done versus standard features?
  • Can appliances be up- or down-graded?
  • Are there any additional fees relating to the home or development?
  • Does the builder offer a warranty program?
  • Does the price include landscaping? and what if the plants die within a year?
  • Are there any restrictive covenants?
  • What are the estimated taxes on the property?
  • How is the school system rated?
  • Are day care and grocery stores convenient and satisfactory?
  • What about emergency facilities--police, fire department and hospitals?
  • Are there any major development plans for the area in the next 5 years?
  • You have a right to and need to ask every question that you think is important. A little research with the neighbors is also a good idea. Remember, a professional builder and sales representative will want you to be a happy and satisfied homeowner. Their next sale could depend on your reference.

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