Who We Are

The Dearborn County Home Builders Association was formed in 1992 by a group of local businessmen that looked at all businesses not as competitors, but as businesses working toward the same goal.

For decades, local, state and federal regulation had greatly affected new home ownership. After learning what a pro-active builders association could accomplish meetings were held with Bob Coolman (1992 President Indiana Builders Assn) and Bill Carson (Executive Director Indiana Builders Assn.) to form what is now our association.

In chartering the Dearborn County Home Builders Association (DCHBA), we became affiliated with Indiana Builders Association (IBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Mike Goodpaster was our first President.

The association and meetings are handled voluntarily by the Board of Directors along with an executive officer. Local agendas are discussed at meetings and followed through by members working as one.

DCHBA board members and members are involved Dearborn County comprehensive land use planning and asked for input by State Senator, State Representative, commissioners, zoning officials and the building department. DCHBA has given time and money locally to Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Historical Society and school scholarships.

Several members have held elective offices with HBA. Today the Dearborn County Home Builders Association plays an integral part of the building industry in which we all work, live and play. We continue to strive toward affordable housing. Our current DCHBA members are our strongest asset.